Home Staging

Property staging services UK

House staging unlocks the potential in any space that you are taking to market so you can sell the property in less time and potentially for more money.

Appoint ebtd and we’ll pair our interiors acumen with our expertise in vintage designer furniture to create a bespoke theme that leaves a lasting impression. 

Over five years’ property staging experience means we can provide solutions quickly and with the minimum of fuss; our insight into modern and postmodern design ensures you only introduce high-quality furniture that sends the right message.

We offer this service to estate agents, property developers and individuals.

Home staging differs from our furniture hire service, which is intended to help creative professionals who need specific items for a few days at a time. 

How Home Staging Works

  1. You contact us with the details of the property and any relevant information or requests. 
  2. We arrange to see the space before creating a suggested layout. We go through this together and incorporate any changes you require.
  3. We deliver the furniture to the location. Before the items are surrendered into your care, we identify and agree any signs of wear.
  4. You use the furniture as outlined.
  5. We collect the furniture when it is no longer needed.

Things to Know about Home Staging

  1. Repair fees will be incurred if an item of furniture is damaged on site. All works will be charged at cost and invoices/receipts will be shared with you.
  2. If an item is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged at 85% of the original retail price.
  3. Home staging is charged on a monthly basis and in advance. If the property sells before the next invoice is due to be issued, the difference will be refunded in full.
  4. If the cost of your rental exceeds the retail price of the items, we will assume that you have purchased the pieces unless you indicate otherwise.
  5. Minimum fees apply. 

If you’d like to find out more about our house staging service, please get in touch to discuss your options in greater detail.