Home Staging

home staging London

everything but the dog can help you create a memorable interior for a property you are taking to market with our house staging service.

By pairing our understanding of how to choose the right furniture with our interior design accumen, we can create a more pleasant and welcoming visitor experience that will help your property sell sooner.

While home staging is still relatively new, we are experienced in our field. Our ability to provide the furniture you need is also backed by our expertise in mid century modern so you can be sure you are getting high-quality items that will convey the right message.

We offer this service to estate agents, property developers and individuals. Short and long-term furniture rental options also mean we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs.

How Home Staging Works

  1. You contact us with the details of the property and give us an indication of how long you expect to need the furniture for.
  2. If you have a very clear idea of the pieces you want to use in your location, you tell us which items you’d like, and we will give you a weekly rental price.
  3. If you would prefer us to style the property, we will arrange to see the space at a mutually convenient time and will come back to you with a layout that we think will unlock its potential. We present this to you and incorporate any changes you require.
  4. We deliver the furniture to the location. Before the items are surrendered into your care, we together check the items for signs of wear.
  5. Should you require help laying out the furniture, we can assist.
  6. You use the furniture as outlined.
  7. We collect the furniture.

Things to Know about Home Staging

  1. In the unlikely event that an item of furniture is damaged while in your care, we will charge a repair fee. We promise not to profit from this and will share any invoices/ receipts with you.
  2. If an item is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged at 85% of the original retail price.
  3. To ensure we don't lose out when items are not in store, we require that half of the fee for the expected rental term is paid upfront. If the property sells in advance of this time, any difference will be returned to you in full.
  4. If the cost of your rental exceeds the retail price of the items, we will assume that you have purchased the pieces unless you indicate otherwise.
  5. Minimum fees apply. 

If you’d like to find out more about our house staging service, please get in touch to discuss your options in greater detail.