Three of the Best Photography Studios in East London

ebtd is now a fully-fledged unique London photography space.

It took us a while, but we got there in the end.

What’s more, you can avail not only of our new space (a converted mechanics garage in Walthamstow) but also of our extensive mid century modern furniture collection.

You can use any or all of it for your next professional photo shoot at no extra cost. So that’s something.

As great as all that is, however, we know we’ve got some stiff competition from a number of other studios for hire in the environs.

In fact, we are almost intimidated by how good some of these photo and film locations are.

So, rather than just prattle on about how proud we are with what we’ve done, we thought we’d contextualise our offering by putting together a list of some of our favourite London photography studios.

Every photoshoot studio featured is situated within four miles of our front door; every one would make a fantastic setting for your next shoot.  

While it might seem strange for us to bring our ‘competitors’ to your attention, we really just want to provide you with an option that works.

And if it’s not us, then, well, there is a good chance it might be with one of these guys.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, our favourites are:

Clapton Tram photography space London


Clapton Tram

If natural light and a verdant backdrop are high on your agenda, then you might want to start your search here for the Clapton Tram has them both in abundance.

There are also some lovely textures to play around with in this converted Victorian tram depot so we feel like it would be much harder to get bad results than good here.

Judging by some of the people that have shot here, we suspect we’re not the only ones who think this way. 

Don’t take our word for it, though: head to the website, watch the video and see for yourself. Well worth a look.

Address: Unit 20, 38-40 Upper Clapton Rd, Clapton, London E5 8BQ
Events: Looks like a no but might be worth double-checking that with them.

Laboratory Studio Clapton

source: JJ Media

The Laboratory Studio

If you were stood in the Clapton Tram and you Googled ‘photo studios near me’, there is a very good chance that the Laboratory would feature heavily for you could throw a stone between them (and probably an underarm throw at that).

And it must be said that the Laboratory is no less impressive than its neighbour.

There is a slightly different flavour to proceedings at Laboratory Studio. You still get the light and the plants but there are some absolutely cracking textures to work with too (the concrete walls are legit).

We also feel very confident that our furniture would look great in there. We know this because it does.

That’s a selling point in our eyes. 

Address: Unit 10, 38-40 Clapton Road, London E5 8BQ
Events: Yes

The Cotton Store Studio

source: The Cotton Store Studio

The Cotton Store Studio

So, before anybody says anything, we are perfectly aware that the Cotton Store Studio is not in East London. 

But Finsbury Park is not far from Walthamstow so the liberty we are taking is only a small one and we think it is worth it.

The Cotton Store has some textures we’d love to shoot against, particularly the wooden wall which we feel would be the perfect backdrop for some Scandinavian mid century furniture.

Like the other London photography studios on this list, there’s also loads of natural light for you to use to your advantage.

In short, this looks to be a cracking option for virtually any shoot.

Address: Florentia Clothing Village, Vale Road, London, N4 1TD
Events: Yes

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