Q&A: Emma Gurner

Credit: Anna Yanovski

It’s great when you strike gold in your search for interiors inspiration.

You get that sense of discovery but you also get the feeling of validation that your nascent ideas might just be worth developing.

This is precisely how we felt when we came across the work of the amazing Emma Gurner of Folds Inside.

There was one project that really caught our eye (below) and, once we’d seen it, we felt compelled to rummage through her portfolio.

We’re pleased to say we liked what we found. We liked it so much, in fact, that we decided to reach out and see if she would share some insider insights with us.

Here's what we learned (you’re welcome).

Folds pink and blue bathroom

Credit: Roly Roques-O'Neil

EBTD: There is only one place we want to start and that is with your ‘Pink and Blue Bathroom’ project as we’re crushing hard on any interior with an 80’s/90’s feel right now. How can likeminded readers achieve the best results? 

EG: For my pink and blue bathroom project I used pink square wall tiles, large, black marble effect floor tiles with a contrasting blue paint in the bedroom. The grid effect achieved in the wall tiles gives that 80’s vibe that is so current, simple and effective. My advice would be to tile from floor to ceiling and use a contrasting coloured grout for maximum impact. Another tip to achieve this look would be to add an element of monochrome, either with accessories, textiles or art for that pop of retro.

Emma Gurner London Interior Designer

Credit: Anna Yanovski

EBTD: What, in your opinion, is the key to an effective interior theme and what practical steps can our readers take to ensure they get it right?

EG: I would suggest creating a mood board of the elements including, paint colours, flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, to ensure they sit harmoniously together. If you begin with two main colours plus an accent colour, even if these are neutrals, you can’t go wrong. Then it is important to add the layers, by means of textiles, and decorative items. These elements are key to transforming a scheme into a home with personality.

Folds interior design London

Credit: Anna Yanovski

EBTD: As we look through your portfolio, we get the feeling that texture is at the heart of your approach. If we’re right, can you explain how this works and why it’s important?

EG: I think about a scheme in terms of layers, with the basic colours and materials being one layer, textures being another. Textured surfaces play with light adding depth and contrast which creates impact. 

Folds Inside London interior designer

Credit: Anna Yanovski

EBTD: What are you thinking about when you are sourcing furniture for a space and what can our readers do to ensure they make smart buying decisions?

EG: I think it is important to produce a plan before you start purchasing furniture as without knowing your measurements you could make expensive mistakes! So, I do draw up a layout to determine what sizes of furniture should go where. I also consider clients’ needs, how they would like to use the space, and budget. In terms of smart buying decisions, I would suggest investing in at least one designer classic piece which would remain timeless and will add a sense of high-end luxury.

EBTD: What advice would you give to any novice who is about to embark on a big renovation/ redecoration project?

EG: When it comes to interior design, collect ideas from magazines or social media; Pinterest is a great way to start creating mood boards. It’s also worth remembering that, when it’s your own home, you don’t actually need to complete it all in one felled swoop. It can be really beneficial to live in the space for a while and let things evolve.

If you'd like to know more about Emma's projects or to find out how she can help you with your space, head to Folds Inside.

If you'd like to see this advice in action, Emma's Instagram profile is as good a place to start as any.

Should this talk have left you hankering for classic design pieces for your home, check out our mid century furniture collection and make some smart buying decisions of your own.

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