Mid Century Makers: Ercol

Find the answer to some popular questions about Ercol furniture.

Where to Buy Ercol Furniture

Unsurprisingly, the first place we are going to recommend is right here. It’s worth noting we will ship Ercol furniture throughout the UK, Europe and beyond so you can fill your home with this durable, timeless, solid wood furniture no matter where you live.

You can also pick pieces up on second-hand sites, though it is hard to guarantee the quality. If you are happy to refinish furniture, then this can be a good way to get started. Just note that performing more complex tasks like re-webbing an Ercol sofa takes time, patience and skill.

If you want the mid-century look but would prefer to be the first and only person to use your furniture, then head to Ercol directly or to major stockists like Heal’s, as both sell reinvented versions of the post-war classics. However, and we mean this in the nicest possible way, expect to pay for the privilege.

When was Ercol Founded?

Ercol was founded in High Wycombe, London by Lucian Ercolani in 1920. The company remained in the area until the early 21st century.

Where is Ercol Furniture Made?

In 2002, Ercol moved from High Wycombe to a new state-of-the-art facility in Buckinghamshire. Most pieces are made here, though some work is outsourced abroad.

What is Ercol Furniture Made From?

Mid-century Ercol furniture is predominantly made from elm and beech. The main advantages of this combination is two-fold: firstly, it makes for lightweight tables, chairs, and sofas that can be moved with relative ease; secondly, it means all Ercol furniture is durable and ready to stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Oh, and it’s all made from solid wood. Big, big plus.

Many of the latest Ercol pieces are made from elm and ash. In fact, Ercol still makes some of our best-selling chairs using the latter. This gives the pieces a lighter hue.

How to Identify Mid-Century Ercol Furniture

Ercol furniture is perhaps most famous for its spindle-backed sofas, armchairs and dining chairs and for its splayed-leg coffee and dining tables. All Ercol furniture is made from solid wood so you get to enjoy that alluring and distinctive open grain.

If you're not seeing any of these signs, the furniture you're looking at probably isn't from the post-war era.

What is the Ercol Logo?

Ercol branding

Mid-century Ercol usually sports a blue and gold sticker.  

The branding has changed over time, but anything you see with the above is likely to have some age to it. Up to you whether or not you think that is a good thing. We do.

The current branding can be seen on the Ercol website.

Which is the Most Famous Ercol Design?

The Ercol Loveseat is nothing short of iconic and is probably where most people’s mind will go to when they think of the brand.

The Windsor, Candlestick and Goldsmith chairs are equally well-known.  

We are also very keen on the innovative and versatile 427 Easy Chair, which was one of the first examples of a modular sofa and of a suspended seating arrangement. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, we recommend you give it a try. Ercol webbed seats are extremely comfortable.

Is Mid-Century Ercol Furniture Valuable?

As with all vintage furniture, value is heavily dependent on condition. That said, even pieces that have been in the wars can still be restored to something special by someone who knows what they’re doing and has the time to do it.

Due to the quality of the woods used and how easy they are to work with, both sellers and buyers can enjoy success, which isn’t always the case with mid-century furniture.

Simply put, sellers shouldn't expect to retire from a single, desirable piece while buyers should expect to enjoy their purchase for a very long time.

How to Care for Your Ercol Furniture

This is where Ercol comes into its own. Spills, scuffs and scratches are remarkably easy to remove. Just give it a scrape/ light sanding, add a touch of OSMO Oil and you’re good to go. A coat of Danish Oil every six months will help these pieces last for decades.

Re-webbing Ercol sofas and armchairs is a more complex operation. We advise seeking professional assistance. It’s not the easiest of jobs and it requires the right tools.  

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