MCM Makers that are Still Making

We understand the appeal of buying new furniture.

Using something for the very first time is always enjoyable.

However, the need to buy new can leave you wanting if you are drawn to the design of a bygone era but don’t like the idea of purchasing reproduction furniture.

If you fit this shopper profile, and the design period you are drawn to is mid century, then we have some good news: a handful of the best makers are still, well, making.

The following is a brief look at some iconic MCM manufacturers that continue to produce furniture to the same exacting standards.



If you are a fan of Børge Mogensen or Hans J. Wegner, then you’re in for a treat.

For at Fredericia, you will find some of the most iconic designs from the era (see the Spoke-Back Sofa) made to very highest of standards.

New manufacturing techniques are paired with hand-crafted excellence to ensure the perfect blend of new technologies and age-old tradition; solid wood meets premium leather for the sort of finish that lasts a lifetime.

If you need it to be new, then the Fredericia offering will leave you swooning.

There is also some really great content on the site so, even if you are only window shopping, this is a good place to start. 


Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen

Name a Danish Modern designer and the odds are they worked with Carl Hansen and Son.

Klint, Wancsher, Wegner, Mogensen, Kjaerholm, Jacobsen.

They’re all in there.

As you might have guessed, this means there is some truly iconic furniture within the current catalogue.

What’s more, Carl Hansen & Son furniture is still made according to the great man’s belief that “outstanding craftsmanship and rational serial production [can] go hand-in-hand to provide customers with high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.”

Today, this boils down to a winning combination of traditional woodworking techniques and the latest technology.

They also only use the best materials, so if you buy something new, it will be made in the same spirit as the classics. 




If Hans Wegner is your thing (and let’s face, we could be talking to a lot of people here) then the Getama offering is likely to appeal.

The collaboration of these two titans of Danish furniture yielded over 120 different models.

(Interestingly, Getama started life as a producer of seaweed-filled mattresses. In fact, it was Getama’s reputation for cushioning that led a young Wegner to approach them in the first place.)

Most, if not all of these designs, are still made by Getama today.

The Getama collection is extensive. It’s not a one-stop-shop for all things Wegner but you’ll still find plenty of armchairs, coffee tables, sofas and more to choose from.

And perhaps what is most important is that every piece is made with the same focus on quality and using the best materials as per Wegner’s original designs.


Karl Andersson and Söner

Karl Andersson & Söner

We have spoken at length about how much we love this Swedish brand so we’ll reduce the reason you should care about what it has to offer to one sentence:

“Handmade in Huskvarna. Since 1898.”

The current Karl Andersson & Söner collection may not be as heavily influenced by MCM design as the other manufacturers on this list but you can still find some classic Børge Mogensen pieces in there that are well worth a look.

The really good news is that everything is crafted to the highest of standards.

In fact, there is an excellent piece on their site about how they produce furniture that we highly recommend.

Go on. Treat yourself. 


JL Møller Møbelfabrik

JL Møllers Møbelfabrik

Founded by design legend Niels O. Møller, of whom it is alleged that each of his chairs took up to five years to finish, this manufacturer takes quality seriously.

Wherever possible, craft methods are favoured over modern interventions.

Nothing is made on an assembly line and all JL Møllers workers are trained in cabinetmaking.

Basically, you should find this exciting—if, of course, you don’t like the idea of shopping vintage.

The Møller catalogue isn’t vast (five years per chair, remember) but it is very good and all the noteworthy designs are in there.

Like we say, good news if you need new. 


Bruno Mathsson

Bruno Mathsson International

Bruno Mathsson is probably one of Sweden’s best-loved designers.

After all, you have to be pretty highly regarded to have one of your chairs turned into a giant aluminium statue by your hometown.

This legacy is continued by Bruno Mathsson International, a Swedish furniture manufacturer run by Bo and Dan Thelander, sons of Mathsson’s business partner.

Many of Mathsson’s most famous designs can be purchased here. This is also a great resource if you are in any way interested in Prof. Mathsson’s story.

Everything is made in Sweden and comes stamped as such so you’ll be in a good position if you ever need to part ways with your purchase.

Lovely stuff. 




Bruno Mathsson makes for a neat little segue to our next maker: Dux.

Dux may enjoy greater renown as a manufacturer of quality mattresses, but it would be unfair to overlook its furniture legacy.

Dux made some of Mathsson’s most iconic designs (see the Pernilla lounge chair) during the 1960’s and 70’s. It also worked with the likes of Folke Ohlsson and Carl Malmsten so there is plenty to take note of here.

In fact, Dux even maintains a permanent Mathsson archive at its head offices in Sweden. Stuff of dreams for us.

Regardless, some of these iconic designs can be purchased new today.

Dux also collaborates with other renowned Swedish designers such as Claesson, Koivisto and Rune so there is no shortage of great pieces to choose from here.


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