Five Xmas Gift Ideas Under £100

Xmas is fast approaching and we expect that most of you will have lots of gifts to buy.

We also expect that no one among you will be looking forward to receiving the bill at the end of it all.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a quick list of all the giftable items we have in-store for less than £100.

We appreciate that this is still not bargain central, but we can at least guarantee that you’ll be buying quality.

West German vase

Fohr Keramik Fat Lava Vase—£90

We love this piece for the way it looks and for the tactile qualities it brings to an interior theme.

The dimensions and shape of this West German vase make it more versatile than most. 

For example, it would be just as well suited to holding paint brushes in an artist's studio as it would flowers on a dining table. 

This vase is also great for introducing a subtle pop of colour into minimalist themes.

Happy days.

If this design isn't quite right for the person you are buying for but you still like the idea of gifting some ceramics, head to our mid-century ceramics collection

Shaker pegs

Solid Beech Shaker Pegs—From £18

Good coat hooks are way harder to find and way more useful than you might expect.

This is effectively why we created our own range of solid beech shaker pegs.

Looks aside, we love these pieces because they attach to a wall via a hole that is hidden under the last peg at each end so the effect is totally seamless.

Furthermore, they are available in a range of sizes.  This means there is an option to suit every home and budget.

As most people are expecting an influx of visitors this Christmas, your gift is likely to go straight into use and be appreciated quickly.

No one wants to see coats piled up on the bannister.

Teak fruit bowl

Solid Teak Fruit Bowls—£58

This might sound like a lot for a bowl but these are the kind of small items that can make a big difference in a room.

The first thing you’ll notice about these bowls is just how organic they look and feel. There is no denying that they’re made from 100% solid wood.  

The second thing you’ll notice is just how heavy they are. You certainly wouldn’t want to travel with one in your hand luggage.

We mention this for one reason: heavy is usually an indication of high price and high quality. Well, in the homewares world at least.

This is the kind of initial impression you want every gift you give to receive.

They are also likely to go straight into use this festive season. No Xmas would be complete without an overflowing fruit bowl.

floating shelf

EBTD Shelf—£68

These shelves are a great way to increase your storage and display options without sacrificing floor space.

We think they’re ace but then that’s probably to be expected as we designed them.

If you can overlook this bias, you’ll see that they exist for a reason.

We have lost count of how many times customers have asked us to help them get more from the amount of available space they have in their home. 

This is our answer to part if not all of the problem.

If you know someone who is trying to get a lot from a little, this could be the ideal gift.

Hair on cowhide cushion

Hair On Cowhide Cushions—£68

A cowhide cushion may not scream Christmas but we still reckon they’ll be gratefully received in the overwhelming majority of cases.

As with some of the other products in this article, these cushions can make an impact that is far greater than their price might suggest.

They are also ideal for adding the finishing touches to a mid-century interior theme. If you know someone who is headed down this route, they’d probably be absolutely chuffed to receive.

What is also likely is that these cushions will go straight into action as they are really, very comfortable.

And given how many people are likely to show up looking for a seat at one point or another this holiday, this gift is likely to be appreciated by more than just the recipient.

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