Five of the Best Mid Century Armchairs

We spend a lot of our time swooning over the best vintage furniture.

While it is true that we are advocates of buying items to suit the space, it would be a lie to suggest that there are some mid century armchairs that we would overlook if the dimensions weren’t quite right.

In other words, we’d just find a way to make any of the following five, iconic easy chairs work in any theme.

Let us know if you agree or if there are any you think we have missed.

Børge Mogensen Mid Century Spanish Chair

Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen (1958)

This chair is just a thing of beauty. When we think about the best Danish Modern designs, this is where our mind goes.

What’s more, if you’re trying to make the most of a modest living room, this armchair will enable you to forgo a coffee table.

Those armrests were created so you have somewhere to put your phone/remote control/ seventh glass of wine so you can maintain that sense of flow through your room.

The Spanish Chair is still produced by original manufacturer Fredericia.

Hans Wegner PP550 Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair by Hans J. Wegner (1947)

There’s not much point in trying to talk you through this design because it’s just about there for all to see.

What you might not appreciate on first glance, however, is that the blades on the spindles align with your shoulder blades for added comfort and the design was apparently inspired by the Windsor Chair.

Just in case you thought the Scandinavians had a monopoly on good design.

The Peacock Chair is still made by PP Møbler

 Finn Juhl France Chair

France Chair by Finn Juhl (1956)

Despite being named after our Gallic brethren across the Channel, this chair was originally designed for an American audience.

The France in the name indicates that it was designed for Danish manufacturers France & Son (also known as France & Daverkosen).

Its modest proportions mean you could always find a place for it in your home. The extremely high build quality and gentle shapes mean you’d never regret your purchase.

The France Chair is available new through the House of Finn Juhl.

 Vintage Arne Norell Inca Chair

Inca Chair by Arne Norell (1968)

If we had been present in the meeting during which Norell unveiled the Inca Chair, there is only one thing we would have said: “stop showing off, Arne”.

There is no way to look at this chair and think anything other than it was created by a design virtuoso.

The leather upholstery gives it a completely unique look that, as far as we know, has never been copied.

Well, would you bother replicating that shape? Good luck getting it made cheaply.

The Inca Chair is still made by Norell AB.

Bruno Mathsson Ingrid Chair

Ingrid Chair by Bruno Mathsson (1969)

This might be the least eye-catching of the designs on this list. From some angles, it looks a bit like a child’s drawing of a chair.

Spend a bit more time admiring it, however, and you start to see some very deliberate, uncommon and charming shapes.

And boy is it comfortable.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll soon find yourself taken with this classic Swedish armchair.

The Ingrid Chair is still made by Dux.

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