A Guide to Vintage Ercol Coffee Tables

A vintage Ercol coffee table is a relatively affordable way to significantly enhance the look and feel of your living room.

What’s really great about them, however, is that they don’t just introduce that iconic, mid century look into your home.

They’re also built to withstand the rigours of daily use so you can add them to your set up with complete confidence.

Establishing which is the best vintage Ercol coffee table for you can be complicated as there are several options and they can be difficult to source.

With this in mind, we thought we’d compile a short list of some that you can realistically hope to find.

Ercol 213 Rectangular Coffee Table

Ercol 213 Coffee Table

The 213 Occasional Table is about as Ercol as it gets.

The splayed-leg design that characterises the most iconic of all Ercol furniture is here in abundance.

The relatively small table top also means the legs are the design feature you notice first.

As ever, this feature is complemented by a striking grain that runs through the table top to leave you with a really great, little piece.

However, little might be the operative word here.

Its compact form makes it ideal for smaller rooms but it also means you won’t be able to place much more than a drink, bowl and a modest vase on it.

Still, if space is at a premium, the 213 could be everything you need.

View 213 Coffee Table

Ercol round coffee table

Ercol 142 Coffee Table

The 142 Occasional Table is ideal for anyone who likes the simplicity of the 213 but needs a bigger table top.

This round coffee table boasts that same splayed-leg design and the distinctive grain as the 213, but the significantly greater proportions mean it can easily be used as an anchor for a seating arrangement in small-to-medium living rooms.

There’s not really much more to add about this piece. It does what you think it will and it looks as good as you would expect.

It’s just a really solid piece that can fit seamlessly into the majority of living rooms.

View 142 Coffee Table

Vintage Ercol drop-leaf coffee table

Ercol 308 Drop-Leaf Coffee Table

The Ercol 308 Occasional Table is where things start to get interesting.

See it in situ and you might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a charming round coffee table (note, its proportions are around 10% less than the 142).

However, see the same table collapsed in half and placed alongside the wall or even a lounge and you see just how much space you can save.

(The table fold is actually slightly off-centre, but you get the idea).

The fold-out mechanism underneath is also really satisfying to use which is a nice bonus.

With its shape and the lighter hues of the blonde wood, this coffee table is perfect for smaller homes.

Only problem is, they are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire at a reasonable price.

Grab one when you see one, basically.

View 308 Coffee Table

vintage Ercol extending coffee table

Ercol 456 Long Occasional Table

This extending coffee table, complete with two drop-leaves, is one of our absolute favourite pieces of Ercol furniture.

Not only is it probably the most practical of all the options on this list, it is also arguably the most striking.

Leaves down or leaves up, it doesn’t matter. There is just something so satisfying about the shape and the dimensions of this rectangular coffee table. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, you also get the luxury of a built-in magazine shelf (not to mention the solid wood grain and the splayed-leg look).

This is ideal for keeping the surface of this table free from clutter so you can create a more relaxing environment in your living room.

This table is a fair bit larger than many of the others but if you have the space to accommodate it you’re unlikely to regret adding it to your set up.

View Ercol 456 Coffee Table

Ercol rectangular coffee table

Ercol 398 Occasional Coffee Table

If you’re drawn to the 456, but don’t have the space or the budget, then the 398 coffee table could tick all the relevant boxes. 

It has the same rectangular shape and the built-in magazine rack and there is certainly enough table space to use this for a variety of purposes. 

All that’s missing are the extending sections.

This does, however, make it lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the 398, which may well be a hidden bonus if you are likely to position it a in a variety of locations around your living room.

All the other popular, Ercol design features are present too so you’ll certainly be bringing iconic mid century design to your home.

All in all, this piece may be a little less spectacular than its big brother but this is still a supremely solid coffee table that could fit seamlessly into most homes. 

View 398 Coffee Table

Ercol 454 coffee table

Ercol 454 Supper Table

There is a reason that Ercol referred to this as a supper table and not a coffee table.

It really is big enough to eat your dinner off.

The dimensions are such that we strongly recommend you either see this in person or carefully mark out the dimensions in newspaper before you make a purchase.

However, if you have the space for it, this piece will have a positive impact on your set up.

Drop-leaves excepted, it has something from all the other examples on this list.

And, due to the dimensions, the storage rack underneath has more height and depth than those before it so you can keep a greater number of items out of sight. 

They’re not as easy to come by but if you find one you might be able to get yourself a deal. 

In our experience most sales occur because someone wants to reclaim their space.

View 454 Coffee Table

If you’re in the market for an Ercol coffee table, don’t forget that all the pieces we sell have been reclaimed and refinished to excellent vintage condition.

To cut a long story short, this means they look almost new and, with proper care, will remain a part of your set up for years to come.

Add that to our very forgiving returns policy and it all means you can shop for mid century furniture with total confidence.

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